EXCLUSIVE: Gosselin Burglary Is A “Huge Publicity Stunt” Says Attorney For Hailey Glassman

Speaking only to RadarOnline.com, Hailey Glassman‘s attorney Anand Ahuja called the trashing of Jon Gosselin‘s apartment and the finger-pointing at his former girlfriend a pr stunt.

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“It appears to be a huge publicity stunt,” said Ahuja, an attorney specializing in domestic violence who works with Glassman’s primary lawyer Stephanie Ovadia.

“The police investigation is still ongoing and we are sure the investigation will reveal that someone is trying to frame Hailey,” Ahuja added.

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As RadarOnline.com exclusively reported, Hailey was interviewed by the police Saturday.  Her mother spoke to the cops Sunday.

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“There are no charges against Hailey,” Ahuja said.  “I don’t think they are even considering her as a suspect in a crime. It appears that somebody, and I don’t know who that might be, or what their motive might be, is framing her.  The detectives are still working on it.”

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