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Beauty Pillowcase: Get Rid Of Wrinkles While You Sleep!

Heather Locklear attributes her unlined appearance to being a “back sleeper.” Dermatologists recommend that you don’t sleep on your face to avoid wrinkles.

What’s a girl to do? Buy this copper-powered pillowcase from Cupron, who pioneered the use of the mineral in products. It’s made from a luxurious satin but the best part is seeing a subtle difference even after just a week of sleeping on it! Plus it’s anti-microbial; great for people with allergies.

Originally a medical research company, with many patents in the use of copper oxide, after 10 years of research they discovered it also had many consumer applications such as with the wrinkles and body-odor. Many people know them for their deodorant copper sole socks which fight against foot-odor-causing bacteria and fungi the special Cupron fibers eliminate 99.9% of the growth of foot-odor-causing bacteria and fungi that were tested, for the life of the sock. ($11.99 for men’s socks.)

We wondered if the beneficial properties would wear out after repeated washings but the company explained that the “biocidal properties of cupronized fabrics are permanent.” One caveat, don’t use fabric softeners for your copper socks, towels, bedding etc.

At $37 for the pillowcase, we consider it one of the best investments we’ve ever made.  Right now, it’s on sale for the holidays for only $28.99!