VIDEO: Watch Elizabeth Lambert, The Dirtiest Player In Women’s Soccer

Pittsburgh Steelers tough man Hines Ward recently won a peer-conducted poll giving him the title of “dirtiest player in the NFL,” but the 6-foot, 204-pound wide receiver looks like a choir boy next to New Mexico University women’s soccer defender Elizabeth Lambert.

Lambert’s aggressive, dirty play was displayed on ESPN’s national stage during her team’s 1-0 loss Thursday night to Brigham Young University, and the results — unlike her — weren’t pretty.

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Lambert, an attractive 20-year-old blond displays some of the most violent behavior we’ve ever seen on any level of sports.

Miss Congeniality’s hit parade during Thursday’s game included: a barrage of blindsides and cheap shots to her opponents; grabbing one girl’s ponytail and yanking her to the ground; kicking one girl across the chest and another one in the head. We imagine BYU’s locker room looked like a M.A.S.H. unit by halftime.

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If her soccer career doesn’t pan out, WWE should offer her a contract, pronto.

Watch the video!

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