VIDEO: Chris Brown Says He Has Learned “Who I Am As A Man”

Chris Brown sat down for a candid and honest interview with MTV in Virginia that aired on Friday. Chris wants America to know what he has leaned following his brutal assault on then girlfriend Rihanna on February 8th, and holds nothing back.

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Brown said that he constantly thinks, “Why did it happen? What was I thinking?” He said that he thinks about how to get past it, learn from his mistakes, turn the situation into a positive and help others learn.

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He said that he believes public perception about him now is “confused” with his fans still loving him and other people not supporting him, he admits that he made a “big mistake” and that he’s “still learning from it”.

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Brown said that he has encountered verbal abuse, from people calling him “woman beater” and telling him “you suck, I hate you”.

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Brown wants it known that he is genuine in his apology for his actions. He acknowledges that he let people down, let Rihanna down, let his sponsors down and that he’s wrong for what he has done.

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He said that he is certain that it will never happen again, and that the attack was triggered by anger. Brown said that he enjoys attending his court ordered domestic violence classes and he is able to learn about anger and how to control it. He said the classes teach him to think before doing something.

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Brown said that not being able to communicate with Rihanna has made him focus more on other things in life, such as his music career, his fans and what he needs to do to change – to get straight.

He said that he has learned “more of who I am” “who I am as a man”, and “who I am going to be”.

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