VIDEO: Chicago Bear’s Bare Behind Exposed In Football Game

Chicago Bears speedster Devin Hester is used to being in the limelight, be it for the ungodly agility, athleticism and speed that is on display every time the 27-year-old Florida native returns kickoffs for touchdowns or makes impressive grabs as a wide receiver.

But he may also have a future as a tight end.

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During his team’s 24-20 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles Sunday night however, Hester was caught in the limelight for an embarrassing reason, as Eagles defender inadvertently Dimitri Patterson pulled Hester’s football pants down, exposing his bare behind to a national TV audience on NBC.

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Hester finished on day with four catches, 18 yards, and likely a bunch of texts and Tweets from friends prodding him about being “pansed.”

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