VIDEO: Carrie Prejean Calls Sex Tape “Biggest Mistake Of My Life”

Former Miss California USA Carrie Prejean called a sex tape she made for an ex-boyfriend several years ago “the biggest mistake of my life.”

Prejean, 22, appeared on NBC’s Today Show on Tuesday morning, and told host Meredith Vieira that she shot the video of herself alone when she was 17-years-old and sent it to a boyfriend.

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“I think now they call it sexting, but it was me in the tape,” the Christian spokeswoman told Viera. “It was for private use, but does that justify what I did? No. It was the biggest mistake of my life … nothing is private anymore, nothing.”

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She said she has “no idea” how the racy tape leaked into the wrong hands.

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The gorgeous blond said she has been “Palin-ized,” comparing her to former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, adding that conservative women such as them are attacked in the media with prejudice, while journalists wouldn’t dare levying the same smear campaigns against noteworthy liberal women such as First Lady Michelle Obama, or Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor.

Prejean appeared on Today to promote her new memoir, Still Standing, in which she accuses pageant officials and others of waging “a campaign
against me to try to silence me” in wake of her controversial stance against gay marriage.

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