Ungaro Sticking By Lindsay Lohan

Despite reports and rumors to the contrary RadarOnline.com has learned that French fashion giants Ungaro are sticking by Lindsay Lohan and plan to continue working with the troubled starlet into the future.

The company brought in the Hollywood hellraiser to try and give their image a ‘publicity shot’ after she was hired as an ‘artistic advisor’ to their Spanish designer Estrella Archs.

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But head designer Esteban Cortazar resigned rather than choosing to work with Lohan and the collection was panned by critics when it debuted in October.

Reports surfaced Friday that Ungaro’s chairman Asim Abdullah is battling with the company’s CEO Mounir Moufarrige to axe Lohan from her reported seven figure deal.

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But spokesperson Tina Lignell claimed that Ungaro were still happy to be associated with the Mean Girls star.

She said: “Lindsay is still very much with Ungaro and working with our company.

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”She will be helping with our main line show which will debut in Paris in March but it’s important to point out that she is not a designer but does have some artistic input.

“But she’s still totally working with us and we are planning for our March show just now.”

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Many fashion critics claimed that hiring Lohan was just a publicity stunt with the designer Ungaro himself reportedly furious with the decision which he felt meant the label was ‘losing its soul’.

One review of Lohan’s nipple-baring outfits, covered with hearts, claimed they were “cheesy and dated . . . an embarrassment.”

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Let’s hope her next collection in March goes over better !

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