Tila Tequila Says Shawne Merriman Uses Drugs That Can’t Be Detected By NFL Testing

In a blockbuster interview with San Diego’s CW station Friday night, Tila Tequila claimed that Shawne Merriman is using ecstasy manufactured “just for Shawne so that it won’t show up in his blood test or drug test.”

PHOTO: Tila Shows Off Bruises She Says Came From Merriman

Tila has filed a $1.5 million civil suit against the San Diego Chargers star player, claiming he beat her and held her against her will at his house after an evening of partying at a local nightclub. Tequila raised the ecstasy claim in her lawsuit.

Merriman was arrested but the District Attorney declined to file charges. Merriman has since denied all of Tila’s claims against him.

During her TV interview, the reality star also claimed that the night turned violent when Merriman went to his bedroom with two women and wanted Tila to join in. He became angry when she refused and demanded to be driven home.

Shawne Merriman Was Busted At His Home After Altercation With Tila

Tila said that any money she collects in the lawsuit will go to charity.

Watch the interview at San Diego 6.

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