Star Style Evolution: Charlize Theron

South African bred actress Charlize Theron’s style has been impeccable since the beginning of her impressive career!  Emerging in 1996, the impossibly gorgeous blonde, who towered over her costars at 5’11, caught the attention of the public eye.  From the time she landed her first role, a non speaking part in the straight to DVD Children of the Corn III: Urban Harvest, until she climbed to the top in 2003, snagging the Academy Award for Best Actress, playing a serial killer in the critically acclaimed Monster, she didn’t walk a red carpet dressed less than fabulous!

PHOTOS: See Charlize Theron’s Road To Style Stardom

Once again, the blonde beauty is creating buzz with her performance in The Road, which hits theaters on November 25th.

Charlize Kisses A Girl For Charity

Who is her favorite designer and what did she wear to accept her Academy Award?  Check out the gallery in Style to find out.

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