The Show Must Go On: Justin Bieber Performs With Broken Leg

Teen heartthrob Justin Bieber wore a cast on his leg as he performed at Manchester, England’s M.E.N. Arena Tuesday night, just a night after the Canadian cutie tripped onstage and fractured his foot.

PHOTOS: Justin Bieber Performs With Broken Leg

Bieber, who is Taylor Swift’s opening act on the UK tour, took to Twitter after the show to let his fans know how he is holding up.

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“Just got off stage in Manchester!!” the doe-eyed 15-year-old singer Tweeted. “I was nervous to go out there with a cast on my leg but the crowd made the fear go away. Thanks every1.”

VIDEO: Justin Bieber Hurts His Foot On Stage

The pain didn’t stay away for too long, as he later Tweeted, “Owww my foot hurts.. Lol.”

Get well soon Justin!

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