Shaquille O’Neal’s Wife Files For Legal Separation

Shaquille O’Neal’s wife Shaunie filed for legal separation just days after a published report claimed that her husband was having an affair with the fiancée of another NBA star.

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Shaq and Shaunie have been separated before and worked things out but now it appears that the Big Diesel’s marriage is out of gas, with Shaunie filing the papers in Los Angeles, even though they have a Florida home.

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O’Neal is playing in Cleveland this season but according to the web report from days ago, he was romantically involved with the fiancé of another NBA all-star while playing in Phoenix last season. The report claimed they even spent some time at Christmas together.

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Shaunie pulled the couple’s children out of school in Florida and flew them to be with her in Los Angeles, in a move that is thought to be financially motivated.

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