Sarah Palin’s Dad Fires Back At Martha Stewart

The feud between Martha Stewart and Sarah Palin has come to a boil with Sarah’s dad slamming the Domestic Diva. Martha started it when she recently called Palin “dangerous”and then added, “Anyone like that in government is a real problem.”

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That remark was met with silence for days until Sarah’s dad, accompanying his daughter on her book tour, got his chance to speak.

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Asked in Florida what he thought of Martha’s comments, Chuck Heath, 71, responded: “Martha Stewart? She’s the dangerous one. She rubbed elbows with all the convicts in prison.” Ouch!

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Martha went to prison in 2004 after being convicted on charges of conspiracy, obstruction of justice and making false statements about a stock sale. While Martha has resumed running her business empire, Palin’s father did a nice job of reminding her that some people don’t forget the past!

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