Party Down With Gossip Girl Leighton Meester!

Last night, party-goers at the grand opening of the American Eagle store in Times Square got a real taste of New York when Gossip Girl Leighton Meester took the stage for a four-song set.

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That’s right, you might know her best as Blair Waldorf, but, much like her co-star Taylor Momsen, who inked a record deal with Interscope and performs live with her band Pretty Reckless, Leighton has musical aspirations as well, having signed with Universal Republic and released her first single Somebody To Love last month. It will be interesting to see which gal’s album comes out first, and which one the Gossip Girl teen set sends further up the charts.

After a DJ set by Pete Wentz, Leighton took the stage looking like the anti-Blair. Her lips were painted red, her eyelids gold, and she wore extra-long lashes and her hair piled on top of her head in a sassy updo with blunt bangs. In colorful skintight latex leggings, a black tube top, chunky gold necklace, and not much else, she jumped around with her hands in the air, and seemed to be singing along with a backing track. There was no band, though she was backed by some hunky back-up dancers clad in American Eagle cardigans.

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Leighton sang a snippet of Good Girls Go Bad, her hit song with Cobra Starship (that gave the band their highest Billboard chart ranking, going in at #4), and three of her more upbeat tracks, including her single, Somebody To Love, along with Make It Rain and Not As Cool As You Think You Are, which she announced was “dedicated to a douchebag.”

Leighton’s debut album is scheduled for a March release and she’s working with producers who have worked with Britney Spears, the Pussycat Dolls and Fergie — not exactly bad company to keep. And she says she has a penchant for “strong women with a unique sound,” including Madonna, Debbie Harry and Gwen Stefani, along with newer artists like Santigold and Lykke Li.

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