Nicolas Cage Man Of The Family At Father’s Funeral

A grieving Nicolas Cage was snapped at his father’s funeral in these new pics obtained Monday.

The pics, snapped Thursday, show the Leaving Las Vegas star sporting a goatee and tending to wife Alice and sons Weston and Kal El.

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August Coppola, Cage’s father and brother to Godfather director Francis Ford Coppola, died at 75 Oct. 27 of a heart attack outside of his Los Angeles home.

Coppola, a literature professor at a San Francisco State, drew accolades from his colleagues for his innovations.

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“August Coppola was a singularly creative leader who for almost a decade inspired the students and faculty of our school of Creative Arts,” San Francisco State president Robert Corrigan told The Hollywood Reporter. “He reminded us all of why the arts matter. That we are more creative than we know. That boundaries are meant to be joyously tumbled over. And to be fully human, we must risk following our imaginations to their very limits.”

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