NEW PHOTOS: Twilight Mania Hits Germany — Fans Go Wild For Pattinson, Stewart & Lautner

The worldwide Twilight phenom landed in Munich, Germany Saturday morning with Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner appearing together at historic Olympic Hall.

PHOTOS: RPattz, Kristen & Taylor Drive Fans Wild In Germany

The three leads of The Twilight Saga: New Moon were the main draw at an annual youth event.

PHOTOS: Kristen Stewart Poses In Revealing Dress

The chemistry between Rob and Kristen was undeniable as the trio stood on the stage. The lovebirds still haven’t spoken about their romance but seem not to be hiding it anymore.

PHOTOS: Rob & Kristen Caught Holding Hands!

With the New Moon gala premiere and November 20 opening looming, the entire cast is in a promotional frenzy.

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We also found Kellan Lutz signing autographs in New England and Elizabeth Reaser at a Prada party in Beverly Hills.

PHOTOS: Kellan Lutz Charms His New England Fans

PHOTOS: Robert Pattinson & Cast Of New Moon In London

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