Mini-Me Verne Troyer Denies TRO Allegations

Verne Troyer is vehemently denying allegations made against him by his ex-girlfriend, model Yvette Monet, in a temporary retraining order that was granted in early October.

Verne Troyer Slapped With A TRO

In the TRO Monet claims that she is afraid for her life and that Troyer has been harassing her with non stop texts and emails. Monet also claims that Troyer threatened her and told her to watch herself.

Justin Timberlake Granted Restraining Order

But it’s all news for the Mini-me actor, who’s rep tells, “Mr. Troyer is shocked and appalled to learn about the false and frivolous accusations that have been made by Ms. Monet.  It is beyond comprehension that a Restraining Order could be obtained, with no notice to Mr. Troyer, and with no opportunity for him to defend himself, without any proof of any of the allegations.  Mr. Troyer looks forward to responding to these allegations in Court.”

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