Michael Jackson & Bruno: Scene Deleted From Movie Is Edited Back In

Michael Jackson died just days before the release of the Sacha Baron Cohen comedy, Bruno, and out of deference to his passing, a scene with LaToya Jackson talking about her brother was cut at the last minute. It’s back.

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We don’t know if if is because the movie bombed and it’s a good promotional stunt…but….the scene has been put back in for the upcoming DVD and Blu-Ray releases.

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Cohen plays a very gay fashionista named Bruno in the flick. The scene in question has a large, hairy man laying perfectly still and covered with food, a la a dinner table. Bruno is trying to get LaToya to sample some of the treats and, more importantly, to call Michael and convince him to join them.

LaToya treats the scenario with good humor but she refuses to call Michael. She finally walks out.

Michael died June 25. The Bruno DVD and Blu-Ray releases hit stores November 17.

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