Kristen Stewart On Rob Pattinson Romance Rumors “F— Off!”

In the latest magazine article where she talks about her love life but doesn’t talk about her love life, Kristen Stewart didn’t reveal any romantic scoop, leaving fans to wonder if Bella and Edward are in love in real life. “I probably would’ve answered [the romance question] if people hadn’t made such a big deal about it,” she told Entertainment Weekly. “But I’m not going to give the fiending an answer.”

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The actress has been spotted kissing her co-star Rob Pattinson at concerts, spending the night with him at hotels in Los Angeles, but she said she wants to keep her personal life private.

Rob Pattinson sexy in Japan

“I know that people are really funny about ‘Well, you chose to be an actor, why don’t you just [expletive] give your whole life away?! Can I have your firstborn child?,’ ” she said.

The 19-year old actress, who recently graduated from high school told the magazine this isn’t something she cares to reveal. “I’ve thought about this a lot,” Kristen said. “There’s no answer that’s not going to tip you one way or the other. Think about every hypothetical situation: ‘Okay, we are. We aren’t. I’m a lesbian.'”

Well, we hope they are, we don’t want them to be off, and if she’s a lesbian like her on screen character in The Runaways Joan Jett is in real life then that’s fine too. Kristen seemed to want to keep a degree of normalcy in her life. “I’m just trying to keep something. If people started asking me if I was dating Taylor [Lautner], I’d be like ‘F— off!’ I would answer the exact same way.”

Pics of Kristen and Taylor on the red carpet

Either way, Kristen and Rob and Taylor will be back on the big screen on November 20th in New Moon.

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