Josh Duhamel Back At Work While Sex Scandal Whirls Around Him

Accused of cheating on his bride Fergie, Josh Duhamel is trying to keep a low profile while he continues to shoot Life As We Know It on location in Atlanta.

As has been reporting, stripper Nicole Forrester says she and the Transformers star had a sexy tryst early last month.

PHOTOS: Nicole Forrester At Her Strip Club

Duhamel made a pit stop at Starbucks to pick up breakfast on the way to the set Saturday morning and had his visor so low over his face, its a wonder he could see where he was going!

The National Enquirer broke the story of the newlywed movie star and the Tattletales Lounge nude dancer. Countless entertainment TV shows and magazines have since picked up on it.

Josh Duhamel & The Stripper: All The Details

Although a spokesperson for Josh called the story “ridiculous,” Forrester passed a polygraph examination with flying colors. is staying ahead of this story. Come back Monday for more!

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