Infuse Your Skin With Mineral Fusion!

A few years ago, the mineral makeup craze exploded. While traditional makeup absorbs into the skin, which can result in clogged pores and a cakey effect, mineral makeup uses micronized minerals, which sit on the skin’s surface, provided a natural, broad-spectrum UV protection from the sun, as well as flawless coverage.

The newest, most technologically advanced of the mineral makeup cosmetic companies, Mineral Fusion, has found a way to offer clinically superior antioxidants and pharmaceutical grade mineral makeup, in a breathtaking color palette!

We love the velvety smooth eye shadow trio, which is available in every shade under the sun. For a sun kissed look, try Espresso Gold, which brings together shimmery bronze tones.  For a modern smoky eye look, don your eyes in Density, a purple based trio.

The extensive product line, which ranges from face powders to lengthening mascara, is competitively priced and available at most Whole Foods stores and online at glo skincare


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