First Photos of Tiger Woods’ Car Smashed Into Tree

Exclusive photos of Tiger Woods’ car smashed into a tree show that the crash was far from “minor” as the golfer’s camp has characterized it.

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The photos show Tiger’s black Cadillac SUV slammed into a tree with enough velocity to severely damage the front right side and bend the passenger’s side tire outward at a severe angle.

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These are the first photos to surface of the accident scene and they were obtained by and Channel 9 Eyewitness news in Orlando.

PHOTOS: Tiger and His Wife Through The Years

The nine images shed new light on the crash that has raised many questions – including where was Tiger going when he left his house at 2:25 am Friday.

The photos do show the back of the car. Tiger’s wife smashed the back window with a golf club to pull him out of the car, according to various reports.

PHOTOS: Tiger Was Taken To Health Central Hospital

The Florida Highway Patrol tried to interview Tiger Friday night but was turned away from his house and told he was sleeping. They will attempt to interview him Saturday.

VIDEO: Police Chief Discusses Tiger Accident

Tiger hit a fire hydrant before smashing into his neighbor’s tree in Windermere, FL.

VIDEO: Hospital spokesperson on Tiger situation

Windermere Police Chief Daniel Saylor said Tiger’s wife Elin was hovering over him and frantic when police arrived.  Tiger was unconscious for six minutes according to various reports.

Tiger Woods Was Unconscious For Six Minutes After Crash!

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