Fake Bake Sunless & Skinny: For Those Winter Months

We haven’t actually tested this for our readers, (too afraid we might turn orange for Thanksgiving) but we have friends who love it and slather it on during the pale months.

According to the site, it contains 5 special algae extracts from the ocean designed to accelerate “ lipid release” and remove toxins found in stubborn fatty deposits for a smoother appearance of dimpled skin :

Ancient Chinese herbs aid in toning, tightening, and firming skin.

A rich mocha-brown color with two special tanning agents deliver a natural “streak-free” tan.

Clinically tested to produce results in skin color and firmness within two weeks.

Paraben-free to further benefit the skin.

They also have a new airbrush spray and Bronzy Babe Lip Glosses to match the new tan!


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