EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Robert Pattinson Talks Love At New Moon Premiere While Taylor & Kellan Charm The Crowd

The top Twilight hunks Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner and Kellan Lutz were among the many stars shining on the red carpet at the world premiere of New Moon, the second installment in the Twilight Saga.

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Pattinson did not disappoint the hundreds of fans who waited for days to see him. The usually shy star was a truly dazzling gentleman on the red carpet: laughing, smiling, signing autographs and even running his hands through his perfectly shaggy locks at the Westwood Village’s Mann Bruin Theater in Los Angeles on Monday night.

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The dashing Brit spoke with RadarOnline.com and revealed what he likes about Edward in New Moon.

“The fact that this is a guy, a character who so many people think is this ideal man who has to be literally humiliated and beaten physically and mentally and emotionally, and still the girl he thinks he doesn’t deserve loves him.” Then Pattinson seemed to lose his train of thought and joked: “I didn’t make any sense what so ever.” We understand- it must be nerve wracking to be him and surrounded by adoring and screaming fans!  When asked if he thought his character deserved love Rob said, “Absolutely, I think everybody does.”

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Lautner and Lutz charmed the crowd as well.  Each of the guys spent time with fans who camped out for five days to meet them.  When RadarOnline.com last caught up with Lutz at the Twilight Mall Tour he was wearing a Team Emmet t-shirt. “A fan gave it to me and so I’m going to wear it,” the now-blonde star told RadarOnline.com.  “Unless it’s like spandex panties, I’m not going to wear that!”

Just before Lautner joined his fellow cast mates in the movie theater, RadarOnline.com asked him why Bella- played by the lovely Kristen Stewart who was wearing a stunning Oscar de la Renta dresss- should pick Jacob.

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“That’s a tough question,” a stumped Lautner responded.  Either way, his werewolf character will give Pattinson’s Edward a run for his money. “Of course [Jacob wants Bella], we’re competitive!”

Check back on RadarOnline.com for more exclusive interviews from the world premiere of New Moon.

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