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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: New Moon’s Noot Seear Confirms Role in Fourth Twilight Film

New Moon has officially arrived, and the stars and fans at the premiere on Monday night in Los Angeles celebrated the release of the second movie in the Twilight Saga. The movie introduces the royal vampire family, the Volturi, the Italian based dark additions to Bella and Edward’s lives. The vampires were dazzling on the red carpet and RadarOnline.com confirmed with one cast member that they will be in a fourth movie in the Twilight Saga!

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Noot Seear, a model who plays Heidi, “An evil vampire that attracts tourists and then eats them,” confirmed to RadarOnline.com that she is definitely signed up for the fourth movie, which would be based on Stephenie Meyer’s book Breaking Dawn, and while rumors have swirled about the possibility of that book being made into two movies, that has yet to be confirmed.

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Even Twilight stars get star struck, and not for Rob Pattinson or Taylor Lautner. Elizabeth Reaser, who plays Esme Cullen, was jumping up and down with excitement at seeing 50 Cent on the carpet, but admitted that she was not “cool enough” to talk to him. She then said that Rob, Kristen, and Nikki Reed were all cool but Jackson Rathbone was the coolest member of the cast!

Peter Facinelli, Dr. Carlisle Cullen, told RadarOnline.com that the house where they filmed Twilight was exactly recreated for Eclipse and that the whole cast was “in shock and awe” when they saw it recreated in a sound stage.

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Charlie Bewley said he “tried to be frightening,” and Daniel Cudmore described his fight scene with RPattz: “It’s going to be high action and people are really going to enjoy this.”

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Melissa Rosenberg, the screenwriter of New Moon told RadarOnline.com what her biggest challenge was: “Making Jacob a serious rival for Edward.” She definitely achieved her goal!

Xavier Samuel, Justine Wachsberger, Cameron Bright and Christopher Heyerdahl dished to RadarOnline.com about their love of the movie, their character and cast crushes!

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