EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW: New Miss California Supports Gay Marriage; Denies Any Sex Tapes

New Miss California Nicole Johnson has been crowned and she seems like the polar opposite of controversial right wing darling Carrie Prejean. Skyrocketing to fame for her anti-gay marriage answer at the Miss USA pageant, Carrie has been on a national media tour touting her new book and defaming everyone she met on her way up, including The Donald, who stood by her side until she said he called out girls based on their looks back stage at the Miss USA pageant.

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Johnson was crowned the new Miss California 2010 on Sunday at the Aqua Caliente Casino Resort Spa in Rancho Mirage California and she is different in almost every way from Carrie Prejean. Nicole Johnson is a brunette and she does not have a sex tape. She definitely, positively told “No!” when RadarOnline.com asked if she had anything like Carrie’s eight sex tapes over 30 nude photos floating around. “That’s a good question but no,” Nicole said. “I’m positive.”

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The show made a few references to de-throned Carrie, when the Most Photogenic Contestant was awarded host Chris Jacob joked “The producers wanted to change this to the Carrie Prejean award but we’ll just stick with tradition.”  Before the five finalists were asked their questions Donald Trump said “Get ready for some really tough questions. As time has proven, they get us into a lot of trouble,” in pre-taped announcement.

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The controversy over gay marriage has become so convoluted with names of organizations that seem to mean the exact opposite of what they support that even the newly crowned Miss California got confused. When RadarOnline.com asked Nicole Johnson if she was going to become a spokesperson for NOM like Carrie Prejean she said yes. But when we asked her if she supported gay marriage she said yes.  She’s new to the job, so we imagine that on her first day she was too excited about her coronation to notice her mistake.

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