EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW: It Runs In The Family! Carrie Prejean’s Brother Slams Gay Marriage

Scandalous de-throned Carrie Prejean has spoken about her strong family ties, and RadarOnline.com has learned that her anti-gay marriage stance runs in her family – her brother Billy Arnone agrees with her too. Billy exclusively told RadarOnline.com that he would “probably” watch Carrie’s sex tapes, and in this exclusive interview, the professional motocross racer explained how he feels about gay marriage – and it’s not any different nor more enlightened than Carrie’s opinion.

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Carrie Prejean’s Brother “Probably” Would Watch Sex Tapes

“I’m all the way against gay marriage,” Billy told RadarOnline.com “I don’t feel that it’s right that a man and a man should raise a kid.” Explaining the reasons why the family is so intolerant, Billy said “That’s just how I was raised and how Carrie was raised.” If there was ever a question that the family might change their minds Billy dispelled that myth. “We’ll stick by that ‘til the day we die.”

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Billy spoke about the family’s Christian upbringing and attending church every Sunday, and said despite the eight sex tapes and 30 nude photos RadarOnline.com discovered in an investigation of his sister, Carrie is “Still a Christian, very much.”

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Carrie’s parents went through a brutal divorce where each side accused the other of being gay in court documents, and Carrie wrote in her book that her parents divorce was “selfish” on their part. However, both sibling feel that gay couples wanting to get married is worse than multiple divorces, like the ones in their family. Billy said that while gay couples should never been allowed to marry, not two men, “two women, no way,” it is fine for a man and a woman to marry and divorce as many times as they’d like.

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