EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS: Tiger Woods’ Wrecked Car Moved Under Cover

Tiger Woods’ wrecked Cadillac SUV was moved Monday morning and RadarOnline.com has the exclusive photos.

The car was being moved from an outside lot to an inside space at the location of the company that towed the car.

And like everything else in Tiger’s early-morning crash drama, the smashed car is also under a cover up – literally!

PHOTOS: See Tiger’s Wrecked Car Under Cover

Workers made sure to shroud the car, leaving very little of it visible as it was moved inside. Being able to view the damage to the car would offer valuable clues as to what really happened Friday morning when Tiger drove into a fire hydrant and tree and was knocked unconscious for six minutes. His wife reportedly smashed the back window of the car to free Tiger, who was then placed on the ground until police and paramedics arrived.

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Tiger’s car was the only one in the yard covered with a tarp.

Five men were holding down the cover to hide the damage.

“They were being really careful not to reveal the crumpled up grille and bumper,” an eyewitness told RadarOnline.com.

AUDIO: Hear The 911 Call

“They covered it with a tarp and then surrounded it with three tow trucks.” Despite their efforts, Woods’ black SUV was identifiable by its top-of-the-range chrome wheel trims and a fleeting glimpse of the front-end damage.

It’s clear that Tiger and those around him want to keep the car – and the reason behind the incident – under wraps.

The crash occurred after the National Enquirer linked Tiger to Rachel Uchitel, in a cheating scandal.

Read Police Press Release On Crash

RadarOnline.com has confirmed that Tiger and his wife Elin Nordegren argued on Thanksgiving, with Tiger storming out of the house after tellng his wife: “You’ve ruined our Thanksgiving! Are you happy now?”

At 2:25 am he crashed into the tree.

Read Tiger’s Statement

Tiger has refused three interview attempts by the Florida Highway Patrol and released a cryptic statement taking responsibility for the crash but offering little explanation.

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