EXCLUSIVE: Mike Tyson Arrested At LAX

Mike Tyson was arrested at LAX Wednesday following an altercation with a paparazzo.

VIDEO: Tyson Breaks Down While Discussing Daughter’s Death On Oprah

Tyson was being photographed as he arrived at LAX with his family, when he lashed out at the unsuspecting photographer, knocking him cold and sending him to the hospital.

has learned that Tyson broke the photographer’s camera, but more importantly, his nose.

Full Transcript Of Tyson’s 911 Call

A police source tells RadarOnline.com, “Mike Tyson was arrested at 4:39 pm at LAX terminal 7, United ticketing. The victim of the alleged assault was transported to a nearby hospital.”

Drama seems to follow the troubled ex boxing champ where ever he goes, with a string of failed marriages,  a felony conviction for rape, a declared bankruptcy, a stint in Wonderland rehab center in Los Angeles and the recent tragic and untimely death of his young daughter behind him.


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