EXCLUSIVE: Evi Quaid Thinks Mafia Is Taping Her Calls, Investigator Tells Judge

Evi Quaid thinks the mafia is taping her cell phone calls, according to a private investigator who worked for Evi and husband Randy.

Read The Letter Sent By Becky Altringer To The Judge

RadarOnline.com has exclusively obtained a letter sent from P.I. Becky Altringer to a judge connected to the Quaids pending criminal charges in Santa Barbara, CA.

The P.I. also says that Evi Quaid routinely refused to collect any mail from her P.O. box that pertained to financial or legal obligations.

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Randy Quaid recently sent a strange letter to Judge Clifford Anderson, claiming the Quaids were worried about the security of their cell phone. RadarOnline.com exclusively printed the letter in which Randy offered a bizarre explanation for his legal woes, which stem from not paying a bill for the couple’s stay at San Ysidro Ranch.

EXCLUSIVE DOCUMENT: Randy Quaid’s Loony Letter To Judge!

Randy claimed that former Bush insider Karl Rove hit on his wife and that he and Evi never received a bill from the hotel because someone was trying to manufacture evidence against them.

Now Atlringer has written her own letter to the judge, seeking to disprove various alibis the Quaids offered the judge.

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The PI says the couple has no money to stay at pricey resorts, despite their excuses to the judge, and that they admitted that to her.

“Evi was convinced the phones were taped and that the mob was tracking her through the cell phones. I even purchased a cell phone for them in my name, which they still have,” Altringer wrote.

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Altringer also contends she has witnesses who support her statement that Evi refused to pick up mail concerning financial debt or legal situations connected to debt.

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The Quaids have failed to appear at a Santa Barbara Court three times concerning criminal charges from their unpaid hotel bill.

RadarOnline.com reported exclusively they have now each posted $20,000 in bail to a Santa Barbara bail bondsman to retire bench warrants against them.

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