EXCLUSIVE DOCUMENT: Read Autopsy Report On A.J. Jewell Of Real Housewives Of Atlanta

RadarOnline.com has Obtained the official Medical Examiner’s report into the death of A.J. Jewell who appeared on the reality show the Real Housewives of Atlanta.

EXCLUSIVE DOCUMENT: Read Autopsy Report On A.J. Jewell

The death of Jewell – which has been ruled a homicide – left his fiancée and cast member Kandi Burruss heartbroken.

The official cause of death resulted from a Sickle Cell Anemia condition that was triggered following a fight Jewell had in the parking lot of the Body Tap strip club in West Atlanta on October 2.

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The report stated: “It is our opinion that Ashley Jewell, a 35-year-old African American man died as a result of a rare complication of sickle cell trait, brought about by a physical altercation.

These conditions were brought on in this individual by a physical altercation with another individual. Since the death resulted at least in part from the actions of another individual, the manner of Mr Jewell’s death is classified as a homicide.”

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According to the report, Jewell was able to speak to others while he was being taken to the hospital and even asked one witness for his brass knuckles back.

While riding in his vehicle to the hospital, he complained of being thirsty and was able to recognize that some water bottles were empty and correctly identified that one container held water.

The report also concluded that Jewell may have died from a pre-existing heart disease as his heart was larger than average.

His left ventricle was enlarged while there was also evidence of some mild scarring in the heart muscle too.

It was concluded that he had been involved in a very active fist fight which would have caused him to tire using the oxygen up in his blood and causing Hypoxia.

The post-mortem results suggest dehydration, and all these factors caused the sickled red blood cells to accumulate blood vessels making him to weak to continue fighting.

When Jewell arrived at Piedmont Hospital in Atlanta at 21 16 hours he was able to walk and still conscious but he was pronounced dead at 21:40 hours by a Dr. Patel.

The medical examiners in the case were Kelly L Rose, MD and Michele Stauffenberg, MD.

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