EXCLUSIVE AUDIO: 911 Call From Photographer Attacked By Debbie Rowe Supporters

This is the  911 call made by Ed Frommer, the paparazzo suing Michael Jackson’s ex wife Debbie Rowe, following a threatening incident that occurred on November 22nd in Lancaster CA.

EXCLUSIVE: Photographer Suing Debbie Rowe Is Attacked

Frommer claims 3 or 4 men with baseball bats surrounded him shouting, “Leave her alone” and that one of the men poked him with a bat 2 or 3 times.

EXCLUSIVE: Debbie Rowe Sued By Photographer

Frommer filed a lawsuit against Rowe on November 17th claiming she lied to police, telling them he scratched her face, pulled her arm and struck her in
the back during an altercation on July 5th.

Debbie Rowe Files Law Suit Against Her Friend

Frommer claims that he didn’t scratch Rowe, and that all of the other physical contact was unintentional. He’s asking for $7,500 in damages. A court date is set for January 6th 2010.

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