VIDEO: Eva Mendes’s Holiday Wish

Eva Mendes is a fashion darling. The sultry actress, who was also the face and body of Calvin Klein, recently revealed her holiday wish: for shoppers to leave fur on the racks.

Eva Gets Dressed And Undressed For Calvin Klein!

In a new video for PETA, Mendes opens up about her fur-wearing past and what changed her mind.

“I have a dog named Hugo, and it literally changed my life getting my dog,” she said. “Every choice that I make, I always think about my little Hugo and think, ‘God, would I eat him? Would I cage him up, and you know, would I skin him?’ No, of course not.”

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Learning about the fur industry- from how the animals were killed and the lack of laws protecting them from cruel practices- also helped Mendes see the non-pelt wearing light.

She is also in good company in her crusade. Charlize Theron, Christina Applegate, Roselyn Sanchez, Pamela Anderson, Nia Long, and Christy Turlington have all joined PETA to speak out against fur.

Eva Mendes Fur Trade Exposé

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