Danny Gans’ Kids Speak Out: Our Dad Was Not A Drug Addict

His official cause of death was an overdose from the prescribed painkiller Dilaudid, but Danny Gans‘ three children want his fans to know the Las Vegas superstar was not an addict.

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It is their first Thanksgiving without their impressionist dad, and the three teenagers — Andrew, Amy and Emily — sat down with Las Vegas TV station KTNV to talk about the Danny Gans they knew.

The Gans teens are all still reeling from their father’s sudden death last May. He was only 52, and was on prescribed painkillers but he never abused them, the three insisted.

Michael Jackson was a huge fan of Danny’s and saw the Las Vegas Entertainer of the Year’s show several times.

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“He didn’t like being on the pain medication because he didn’t like the way it made him feel,” Andrew said. “So he’d go onstage sometimes, he’d be in so much pain, he’d have to go offstage during a change and get sick because he was in that much pain.”

The Gans family, who made Las Vegas their home for the last decade, has moved back to California. Danny’s posthumous autobiography, The Voices in My Head, completed the day before he died, was published last month.

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