Dakota Fanning Talks High School and Being BFFs With Kristen Stewart

Dakota Fanning has grown up on the big screen but the fifteen year old clearly has her head on straight unlike other child actors. The New Moon villain recently dished on being famous in high school, her friendship with Kristen Stewart, and how she gets out her teenage rebellion.

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“We became really close,” Dakota told Teen Vogue about her relationship with Stewart, “Like we’d known each other for our whole lives. We talk all the time.” The actresses, who met shooting the Twilight sequel, also play best friends in the biopic Runaways.

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While others her age may take out their angst by sneaking out past their curfew or by drinking, Fanning is thankful for her current outlet of acting: “I get my rebellion out through my movies. I’m boring in that way. I enjoy having a normal life.”

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One might scoff at the idea of her being able to have a normal life given her already impressive film resume but she insists she’s like every other teenager. At her private school in Los Angeles, the students there were “pretty receptive” to Fanning when she started there in ninth grade. The varsity cheerleader has also eased into the close-knit social scene having dated one boy from school.

Fanning explained: “I have a small class, so the pool is very limited. Everyone kind of knows everyone.”

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