Check Out Tookata’s Barbie Gear — For The Grown Up Girls


Barbie and Tookata People have joined forces to produce high end Barbie apparel and accessories, the end result being a fusion of colorful and contemporary fashion with the classic Barbie kitsch, all made from the fashion world’s best materials.

Items comes in four distinct styles: Rainbow, Stripes, Disco Ball and Economy.

Some of the goods that caught our eye include: the Connie Barbie Rainbow, a large purse perfect for fashion and function, priced at $549; the Sarah Barbie Rainbow, which makes the perfect arm piece for a more formal event for $379; the Jasmine Barbie Rainbow, a cute, compact clutch perfect for a night out with the girls, which sells for $ 229.00; and the Sopa Barbie Rainbow, a round, tasseled bag with a wrist strap for $119.

For more info on these, and many more great items, check out

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