Chaz Bono Hits The Gym, Protests For Change

Chaz Bono is thrilled with his new life as a man but seems to want to have a little less of himself to enjoy. The former Chastity Bono is regularly hitting the gym and working out at home too.

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As Chastity Bono, the child of Sonny and Cher was openly gay since his teens, but he knew for the last several years that he actually needed to be a man.  He began hormone therapy in 2008 and early in 2009, underwent transgender surgery.

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Since his surgery, Chaz has become more active than ever in the movement to give gays, lesbians and transgenders (like himself) equal rights. He and his girlfriend Jennifer Elia would like to be able to legally marry some day.

PHOTO: Chaz And Jennifer Walk The Red Carpet.

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