Celebrity-Endorsed Scarves For A Good Cause

With Thanksgiving and Christmas approaching, we’re sure many people will, in the spirit of the season, donate to charity. Here’s one we think might interest our readers: $100 for 100 Women in Need is a promotion sponsored by Tonic.com, a news and e-commerce Web site focused on “good news, good style, and good deeds,” and Citta, a non-profit organization focused on aiding impoverished nations.

$100 for 100 Women in Need is a high-end scarf sale that will donate ten percent of its proceeds to Citta, toward their their work being done in women’s centers in India and Nepal. The scarves are hand knit by the women of the Citta Himalaya Women’s Center, and proceeds will fund the Jaisalmer Women’s Center in Rajasthan, India.

Each high-end scarf, priced at $100, will brandish single, embroidered Sanskrit words chosen by philanthropic celebs such as Queen Latifah, Scarlett Johansson, Sting, Natalie Merchant, Susan Sarandon, David Bowie and Thandie Newton.

Citta founder Michael Daube said of the single-word scarf selections: “Words can be positive, powerful tools. They can mobilize a nation to independence or relay confidence to an army winning a battle against all odds. Words can transmit love from one being to another, or convey the mysteries of life from a teacher to a student.”

Tonic CEO Pankaj Shah told RadarOnline.com that “to have this unique opportunity to partner with an organization as great as Citta, and help women in need in both Nepal and India, is something that Tonic is very proud to be a part of.

“With the help of these words that carry such significance, we hope to leave a lasting impression with the public which will, in turn, result in a massive joint effort to help those in need.”

The scarves are available exclusively on Tonic.com.

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