AUDIO: Stripper Vs Stripper, Co-Workers Blast Josh Duhamel’s Accuser

Josh Duhamel might have wrecked his marriage by cheating on his wife Fergie with a stripper, but two of Nicole Forrester’s former co-workers said he should have known that she was going to cash in on their relationship. 

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In a phone call made to The Bert Show Q100 Atlanta, Atlanta stripper Star told the radio station: “Nicole’s been waiting for Josh to come along for 15 years, and if it wasn’t Josh and it was someone else it would have been the same thing…because that’s her character.”

Josh Duhamel Cheated On Fergie With Stripper

The two strippers who called into the show, Star and Morgan, said that Nicole has a nasty reputation amongst fellow dancers.  “She’d be the first to cut your throat,” Star told the morning show hosts, who had Nicole on their show last week where she told all the details about her relationship with the married Josh Duhamel.  After the National Enquirer broke the story about Josh and Nicole, Fergie spent Halloween away from her husband but then flew to Atlanta to make a very public appearance at Chops restaurant. 

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“If Josh had any brains he would have seen that this was a problem when he first met her,” Star said about Nicole’s history of crossing the line with other customers.  She alleged that Nicole is knows for getting involved with customers and then calling their wives to tell them about the relationships.   The stripper cautioned the actor, asking “Does he even now what he’s dealing with?”

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