WORLD EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Jayde Nicole is Afraid of Joe Francis

Jayde Nicole revealed in an exclusive interview with that she avoids public places and feels like Joe Francis has a personal vendetta against her after she was assaulted by him in a nightclub.  “I feel like he now has some sort of problem with me,” said Jayde as she watched the shocking security footage of Joe grabbing her from behind by the hair and dragging her to the ground.

VIDEO: The Unedited Security Tape Footage

The security footage has domestic violence and law enforcement experts calling for the Girls Gone Wild founder’s arrest, and Jayde was visibly shaken as she told “I don’t know if he has some problem with me or if he’s just a loose cannon.”

Jayde’s Lawyer Fires Back At Joe’s Lawyer

After the attack that took place at Guys and Dolls nightclub early in the morning of August 28, Jayde said she was afraid to go out in public places for fear of seeing Francis.  “When I finally went out they had to call ahead and make sure he wasn’t there,” the former Playboy model recalled.  “We had security walk us in and we were only there for 20 minutes and I had to go, I had to get out.”

PHOTOS: More Of Jayde

Jayde, who has filed a $1 million lawsuit against Francis told that she feels vindicated by the video, and Joe’s claim of self defense “Makes himself look like a liar.”

Police are still investigation the incident.

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