VIDEO: Glee’s Matthew Morrison Strips For Broadway Charity Show

Before Matthew Morrison took center stage on Fox’s breakout hit, Glee, the handsome 31-year-old Broadway theater veteran wore very little in Broadway Bares 18: Wonderland, 2008’s installment of the annual charity show in which New York’s sexiest stage performers lose most of their clothes for AIDS-related charities.


In the clip, Morrison shimmies his sculpted physique to Digital Underground’s 1990 hit, The Humpty Dance, leaving us sending our regards, and then some, to Broadway.

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Morrison, on the TV program, plays Will, a passionate high school music teacher who tries to salvage the school’s waning glee club program with a Bad News Bears-esque array of talents to choose from.

Glee Keeps Us Hangin’ On

Glee airs Wednesdays on Fox at 9/8c.

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