Survivor Winner Yul Kwon Joins Obama Administration

Yul Kwon, the winner of 2006 Survivor competition, joined President Barack Obama‘s administration Thursday in the capacity of deputy chief of the consumer and governmental affairs bureau for the FCC.

“I feel like this country is in a critical time right now,” Kwon, a 34-year-old Yale graduate, told the Washington Post. “If there’s one place you can have an impact, it’s here.”

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Kwon said of the transition from Survivor to the White House: “I played a clean game. I showed you could win by playing with integrity… I’m sure there are going to be a billion shots of me on the Internet wearing a grass skirt.”

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Kwon is not the only celebrity member of the administration: Actor Kal Penn this past April left Hollywood to serve as President Obama’s administration as a representative to the Asian-American and Pacific Islander communities, as well as his point man for the entertainment community.

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