Robert Pattinson Is A Yankees Fan!

On his way out of L.A. Saturday, Robert Pattinson kept his head down and his Yankees hat high. The Twilight star was on his way to start his New Moon promotional tour but still wanted to show off who he favors in the World Series.

PHOTOS: RPattz Leaves L.A., Loves The Yankees

It was a busy last couple of days for the Twilight cast at L.A.X.

RPattz and Kristen Stewart flew in Thursday night.

Kristen was off again Friday night; this time solo.

PHOTOS: Kristen Stewart Departs L.A.

In addition to all the big TV interviews and the gala premiere, a series of shopping mall events just for Twilight fans begins a week before the November 20 opening of New Moon.

VIDEO: New Moon TV Ad

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