Read Arnold Schwarzenegger’s (Hidden?) Message To Political Rival

A veto letter was sent by California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger to his political rival, Democrat San Francisco assemblyman Tom Ammiano, that nixed bill 1176, which proposed financing for a Bay Area waterfront project.

Read Arnold’s Veto Letter!

So what makes this generic letter newsworthy? Perhaps a coded message as, if you read it vertically, Schwarzenegger’s rejection of the bill is stated far more to the point, reading “F— You.”

“It was a strange coincidence,” Schwarzenegger’s spokesman Aaron McClear said. “We draft hundreds of letters each year and it was just a coincidence, nothing more to it than that.”

Even more of a coincidence is there is reportedly a history of animosity between Schwarzenegger and Ammiano, who recently heckled the governor at a Democratic gala event, publicly calling him a liar.

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