Paranormal Activity Terrifies Movie Goers

Touted as “The scariest movie ever made,” Paranormal Activity has scared audiences to death, to the tune of over $500,000, in a mere 30 theaters across the country.  The horror film sold out all its midnight screenings this past weekend.  After terrified fans flocked to the movie, Paramount announced that if they received 1 million DEMANDS ,they will open the movie in wide release across the country if for the fans.  So if you’re a horror pic fan then vote to have the movie play in your city.

The rumor in Hollywood about this movie is that Steven Spielberg was so freaked out by the movie that he returned it to the studio in a garbage bag!  This film was made for less than $11,000 by first time director Oren Peli.  Since it debuted at Slamdance in 2007, its terrified audiences, with one reviewer on Rotten Tomatoes saying “After watching Paranormal Activity, you might be inclined to sleep with the lights on for a week or four.”

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