NEW PHOTOS: Jon Gosselin Reunites With His Kids

Jon Gosselin found time to play Daddy on Saturday in what appeared to be a very genuine display of emotion between the kids and their father.

NEW PHOTOS: Jon & The Gosselin Kids

Jon’s more recently been keeping busy doing TV interviews promoting his side of the increasingly ugly Gosselin break-up.

VIDEO: Jon On Larry King Live

Jon & Kate are each making claims against the other about hiding and/or stealing money from the other.

Kate Wants Spousal & Child Support

Jon Says Kate Is Hiding Income

The pair did come together when it was time to send the twins back to school in August but being civil with each other no longer appears to be in the cards.

PHOTOS: Jon & Kate Send The Twins Off To School

TLC has already announced the end of Jon & Kate Plus 8.  The cable net’s plan was to replace it with Kate Plus 8.  All production is now on hold – at least until the dust settles.

PHOTOS:  Life Goes On For The Gosselin Children

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