NEW PHOTOS: Balloon Boy Family Tries To Pick Up The Pieces

If it were not for those pesky criminal charges overhanging Richard and Mayumi Heene, it would have been just another Saturday morning: a stop for gas, a trip to a convenience store, and oh yes, a visit to Mrs. Heene’s lawyer.

PHOTOS: Balloon Boy Family Out & About

According to the Larimer County, Colorado Sheriff’s Office, Mayumi Heene admitted the entire flying saucer incident was a “hoax.”

Mayumi Heene Admitted Hoax Was Planned For Two Weeks

Mayumi and Richard Heene have individual lawyers representing them in preparation for charges being filed against them. There is also the possibility that the local Child Protective Services agency will be investigating the parents for endangering the lives of their three sons.

Cops Made A Domestic Disturbance Stop At The Heene Home

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