Madonna’s Daughter Lourdes Gets A Job On Tour

Madonna’s daughter Lourdes is barely in her teens but the famous offspring already has a once in a lifetime job: working on her mom’s tour!

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“She dresses the dancers backstage. She’s really into hair and make-up, so she does a lot of experimenting. She’s very talented,” Madonna revealed in a recent interview with Rolling Stone. Lourdes is already usurping her mother’s role as the go-to fashionista.

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“She could absolutely design her own line of clothes, she’s got great style,” Madonna added. “Everyone asks her what she thinks of their outfit. Her, not me.”

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Lourdes has always been a source of inspiration for her mother and through the years, her musical tastes have evolved. Now that she has “outgrown the Jonas Brothers,” the teenager is helping her mom expand her horizons.

“She turned me on to the Ting Tings…She loves Lady Gaga, Ciara, Rihanna, T.I. and Justin [Timberlake]. She lives with the iPod in her ears.”

As for how they are evolving together, Madonna reveals they are just like any parent-child duo navigating the maturity waters: “Now, we feel more like friends, and we fight every other minute. A normal mother-daughter relationship, going through puberty.”

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