VIDEO: Levi Johnston Says Full Frontal Nude Pictorial Will Be “Tasteful”

Levi Johnston, the 19-year-old father of Sarah Palin‘s grandson, told the CBS Early Show Thursday about his upcoming nude spread in Playgirl magazine and his continued heat with the former Alaskan governor.

Johnston said his Playgirl spread would be done tastefully, and said he has been training everyday to look his best for the spread.

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“It’s gonna be good,” he said, noting that he turned down another company offered that him big money “to do some wild things on camera.”

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Johnston — who stood alongside the politician and her family on the platform at last year’s Republican National Convention, said he wouldn’t change his life from a famous beefcake back to that of an anonymous Alaskan teen, but said he does want to work on raising his baby with Palin’s daughter, Bristol.

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Johnston didn’t take a break from bashing the bee-hived politician when her name came up. He said Palin has little room to criticize his decision, as she abandoned the Alaskan governorship to pursue a lucrative book offer. He said that she started discussing leaving her post in Alaska upon gaining new heights of fame, following her nomination as the Republican party’s vice presidential candidate during the summer of 2008.

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