Kate Gosselin Goes To Court For Child And Spousal Support

A day after a delicate truce that allowed the warring Gosselins to celebrate their twins 9th birthday together, it looks like a new battle is erupting.

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Kate Gosselin is requesting child support and temporary spousal support in papers filed by her attorneys in Pennsylvania court.

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And while the papers were filed before the temporary truce that allowed Jon and Kate to actually be in the same house at the same time on Thursday, no one is doubting that both sides are going to have strong words against the other as to the merits of Kate’s claim.

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Jon and Kate are still fighting over $230,000 that Kate says Jon took out of their joint account. Her lawyers are demanding Jon put the money back in the account.

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Now it turns out that Kate’s attorney also filed paperwork last week for child support and temporary support.

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Mark Momjian, one of Kate’s attorneys, says she needs the money because Jon drained their bank account, in violation of a court order.

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Jon, meanwhile, has said that he and Kate have 11 bank accounts and she hasn’t told him where the money is from her book sales.

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