VIDEO: Jon Gosselin Spars With Nancy Grace

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VIDEO: Jon Gosselin Spars With Nancy Grace

And he thought arguing with Kate was bad: Jon Gosselin, appearing on The Insider Monday, exchanged testy words with media pundit Nancy Grace, who was loudly critical of the 32-year-old reality TV dad for reasons including his promiscuity, parenting skills and publicity stunts.

When Grace criticized Jon for trying to halt production of the show Jon & Kate Plus 8 after a falling out with the TLC network. Jon replied: “Regardless of the timing, I’m their father and I will do the best for my children; actions speak louder than words.”

Then, Grace knocked him for his well-publicized romance with young debutantes such Hailey Glassman, while Kate was at home tending to the children.

Jon barked back: “When she’s home, she’s home; when I’m home, I’m home, so we don’t share the differences. I don’t tell you how to parent!”

Grace also took exception to Jon’s plans on settling down in New York and not closer to his children’s Wernersville, Pennsylvania home.

Gosselin defended the move, citing the various “business contacts” and “other career things” that keeps him near the city that never sleeps.

“I have to move further with my career to support my kids as well,” he said.

Jon & Kate Plus 8 airs Mondays at 9/8c on TLC.